About FINERO coin

Finero gives a chance to every crypto enthusiast to become a part of this growing sphere with a consensus mechanism altogether. It makes “Proof of Capacity” the mainstay for mining and gives a chance to the miners to generate maximum coin within the limited time. With this new coin, we are able to achieve a higher level of accuracy and performance at the time creating digital assets. We are also able to get rid of most of the issues that have been pestering miners for a very long time. Finero has come with a framework that expands itself and begets maximum opportunities for everyone to join the crypto revolution. Also, we have put our investors ahead and given them a chance to enhance their earning. This project works on an all-inclusive model and helps you retain the profits against all odds.

Lesser Energy Consumption

With proof of capacity, energy consumption in the mining process gets substantially reduced. Other than that, it also produces a generous amount of coins as compared to the other consensus-based algorithms. All the units of mining are handled very efficiently with this particular mechanism and it gives the best results always.

Increased Transactions

The biggest benefit that the crypto users will get out of this coin is the increased number of transactions no matter which particular platform you use. This has been possible only after the right configuration of all the elements that are put together and used to get a more effective result for every single transaction.

Foolproof Security

When it comes to security, Finero coin exceeds the expectations with a robust setting. It is way more advanced than many other standardized tokens that were created just only for business purposes. This one is a result of research and analysis, it has been framed after studying the needs of the crypto users across the globe.


We have a Strong team with a track record of delivering projects with profitability and with skills from Technology, Finance, Marketing, Real Estate, and operations.


Mining operations will be based in Canada (Manitoba, Quebec,Alberta) which is among the top ranking countries for stability. It has globally competitive energy rates between $0.04 - $0.06/kWh* and a strong financial sector.


FINERO coin will be headquartered in the british virgin islands where taxes are Zero percent. However, mining will take place in Canada and we'll pay whatever taxes are applicable there.

Grab the opportunity to earn more by becoming a FINERO coin Community Member, we spend 50% less on electricity and 15% less on hardware. Earn 35% more by mining from home.

* approximately
Efficient Mining

The focus here is on making the mining more efficient and we have achieved it with a more feasible coin mechanism.

Secure Storage

Providing all types of storage options, we are enabling the token holders to take their trading experience a level ahead.

Optimized Usage

The consumption of energy and internet is way more streamlined in this coin as it strives to make full use of total throughput.

Fail-Safe Backup

With this backup mechanism, coin holders don’t need to worry about losing their assets as it comes with a fail-safe system.

Token Distribution

82% of all FINEs shall be available to FINERO coin Community during the Crowdsale. The remaining 2% shall be assigned to the ICO Bounty Program 2%, Research & Development 6% and the Founders(Management) Team 10%.


FINERO coin Community


Founders(Management) Team


Research and Development


The ICO Bounty Program


Private Sales Details

Bonus 4%
Total Token
14M FINE Price: 0.25 USD
Jan 01 - June 30

FINE Payout Calculator

Overall output over 36 mo.
invest $1,000
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Total profit in 3 years*
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BTC and ETH ROI calculation
FINE token entitles the token holders to the percentage share of the total profit of the mining and hosting operations, which will be paid out on monthly basis, allowing FINERO coin diversified community to become part of it and enjoy the benefits of the large mining operation.
In order to meet the increasing mining difficulties in coming years, we have allotted 25% of future returns into retrofitting of the equipments.As per the estimate, cost of upgrade will be lower than 25% and the remaining sum will be distributed as dividends. This remaining sum also involves the estimated costs of management and 15% of tokens which are not distributed. This is, however an anticipated figure and can be different from the actual one. The information provided should not be deemed as an offer or solicitation to buy FINE Tokens and is a forward-looking statement.

FINE Tokens


The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Every Bit of your Investment Future secured
109% ROI* average approximate returns per year

* Calculation based on bitcoin price at 9000 usd approximately